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Dynamo Fencing Foundation

Who We Are

Advocates For Change, Improving The Lives Of Those in Need Locally, Nationally, Globally

Dynamo Fencing Foundation was established in 2019 in Newton, MA. 


The Dynamo Fencing Foundation is currently focusing our efforts on Ukraine. Our mission: Assist in the safe evacuation of Ukrainian refugees, support Ukraine’s defense, and support Ukraine’s Junior and Cadet National Fencing Teams


Humanitarian Help For Ukrainian Refugees

Currently, we are aiding a number of volunteer teams all over Ukraine as they evacuate refugees from Kharkiv, Chernihiv, and other cities that have been under constant bombardment from the Russian military.  With the help of the Dynamo Fencing Foundation we have provided funds to purchase gas for travel and food for the travelers.

Our foundation is working together with Ukrainian Incoming Tour operators, led by Arseniy Finberg

"When we faced the war in our city, we organized the evacuation of the civilian people from Kyiv and surroundings with our buses”, Arseniy reported back to us. “In total, our group has evacuated more than 800 people out of Kyiv. We are focused on elder people, women with kids, and disabled people. In addition, we have been working with homes for orphaned children and hospitals to help evacuate the children who need us most.”

Support Kyiv Territory Defense 

Family and classmates of the founders of the Dynamo Fencing Foundation have joined up with the 128th battalion of the Dnepr district, the territorial defense of Kyiv. We’re proud to report that the Deputy Head of Supply of the Fourth Company, close to two hundred people in size, is one of our own! We have fond memories of playing basketball as children at school with these friends who have been forced become soldiers. Due to the strength of our close connections the Dynamo Fencing Foundation is able to directly support these brave Ukrainians as they stay back to defend Kyiv. Through the support of our Foundation, we can help ensure that they will never give up!

Ukrainian World Cadet and Junior National Team


The war on Ukraine has infiltrated every part of every Ukrainian’s life. The Dynamo Fencing Foundation has been in communication with the Head Coach of the Ukrainian National Fencing team, Natalie Conrad, to help support the athletes in their time of need. These teenagers earned the right to represent their country at the Fencing World Championships but were then forced to quickly evacuate from their homes. In many cases, they had to leave with no warning. Like other refugees, many left home without any fencing equipment and with only one suitcase.

This is a devastating scenario that no person, never mind a child or a teenager, should ever have to experience. We’ve heard stories directly from these teenagers of how they’ve found themselves running from gunfire.

Currently, most of the team is hosted by the Polish Fencing Federation and other National Fencing Teams. That support will end when the Junior and Cadet World Championships begin in Dubai on April 2nd , 2022. 

These young athletes who have trained so hard to reach these goals and who have had to endure so much beyond their control, need our support to attend the Junior and Cadet World Championships where they earned the right to compete. 

Following the competition, we will assist them as they try to find refuge by relocating to the United States or staying in Europe. Our goal is to help support them until they can (hope beyond hope) return home to Ukraine. 


With your help and donations, we can provide aid directly to those who need it most. Please contact us to learn how you can donate. As always, 100 percent of all donations goes directly to the effort.

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