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Meet Ukrainian National Team members

February 24, 2022 the cruel invasion to Ukraine has started. Millions people were forced to leave their houses and families back in Ukraine and travel to Europe and around the world looking for a safe place to stay. Dynamo Fencing Center is in close contact with National Federation of Ukraine from the first day and doing it's best to help Ukrainian fencers as much as we can. We are endlessly thankful to all people who are helping us in such a hard time. Unfortunately war is not over and many people need our support.

We are very happy to host several Ukrainian fencers. Finally they are here! Their journey to safety has just started. We are the only support they have now in a foreign land. We will go trough this together!

Please meet Daria, Liza, Sasha and Svetlana.

Hello! I'm Yelyzaveta Melnichuk. I was born in Kyiv Ukraine. 

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Hello, my name is Daria Bulba. I’m a Ukrainian National Team fencer. 

On February 24th, my team and I were preparing for the European Fencing Championship in Serbia, but we had to change our plans.  

The war caught us on the way to the Olympic training center in Ukraine. Shortly, my father figured out a safe way for me and my friend to Poland. It took us 3 days to get there. We were staying in Poland for 2 months. I’m very grateful to the National Polish Federation for their room, board and opportunity to practice in local club. 

Being in Poland I got an offer from Ukrainian Community in Boston to continue study and training in the United States. I was really excited to have a chance to reach my potential and explore new world.

Despite of all obstacles I was able to manage to pass English test and got accepted to MassBay College.

I have no words to describe my appreciation to the whole Dynamo family and personal to Alex Kushkov for making my dreams come true. I’m thankful to the Engel family for giving me a shelter and making me feel as home.


My name is Svitlana Bryzgalova. I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. I had a happy life in Ukraine for fourteen years, where I went to school with my friends and start fencing. I love my parents, and spending time with them is my favorite time. I'm lucky, because they are my coaches. I'm a competitive fencer and dreaming to get to the World Championships!

In February 2022  Russian army invade my country. Me and my mom were forced to leave the country and we were staying for several month in Poland. Later, coach Alex, helped me to get to the USA and get to Beaver Country Day! I appreciate all the support!

I really like this school, because the teachers are kind, the children are friendly and the school curriculum is very interesting. I am happy that I can continue to pursue my fencing passion at Dynamo fencing center.

I hope that war will be over soon and I will be able get back home!

Andre Slastin, Ukrainian Junior National team member. 

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